Friends forever: Rohit Sharma through the lens of Yuvraj Singh

The bond between Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh is a well-known chapter in Indian cricket history. Having shared the dressing room for over a decade, their camaraderie extends far beyond the boundaries of the field. Recently, Yuvraj Singh, a retired legend himself, spoke highly of Rohit Sharma, the current Indian captain, offering unique insights into Rohit’s journey and leadership qualities.

Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh’s cricketing careers have been intertwined for a significant period. Yuvraj was already an established star when a young Rohit Sharma, brimming with potential, joined the Indian team. Their on-field partnership has produced many memorable moments for Indian cricket fans. But their connection goes deeper than just on-field heroics. Yuvraj’s recent statement about Rohit sheds light on the latter’s personality, leadership style, and the evolution of their friendship.
Witnessing the Rise of a Hitman: Yuvraj’s Perspective on Rohit’s Early Days

Yuvraj Singh’s presence in the Indian team goes back to 2000, while Rohit Sharma’s debut came in 2007. This puts Yuvraj in a unique position to have observed Rohit’s early days in international cricket. Yuvraj has spoken about being impressed by the young Rohit’s talent and his calm demeanor under pressure. He acknowledged the hype surrounding Rohit as the “next big thing” in Indian cricket and highlighted his ability to handle expectations with maturity.

From Young Talent to Bonafide Legend: A Shared Journey

Over the years, both Rohit and Yuvraj have established themselves as legends in Indian cricket. They have been part of numerous successful campaigns, including the victorious 2011 World Cup run. Yuvraj has commended Rohit’s work ethic and dedication to the sport. He has spoken about their shared experiences, the camaraderie within the team, and the lessons they learned together on the cricket field.

The Captain’s Qualities: Yuvraj on Rohit’s Leadership Style

Since Rohit Sharma assumed captaincy in all formats, Yuvraj Singh has provided insightful commentary on his approach to leadership. He has praised Rohit’s ability to back his players, create a positive team environment, and inspire confidence within the squad. Yuvraj highlighted Rohit’s calmness under pressure, a crucial quality for a captain leading a high-profile team like India.

A Full-Circle Moment: Yuvraj’s Final Season Under Rohit

Yuvraj Singh’s final season as an active cricketer in 2019 coincided with Rohit Sharma’s captaincy at the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL). This completed a circle in their cricketing adventure, with the youthful Rohit now leading the more seasoned Yuvraj.


Yuvraj Singh’s appraisal of Rohit Sharma reveals the Indian captain’s character, leadership skills, and their tight bond. Their journey from teammates to captain and player showcases the evolution of Indian cricket and the lasting friendships forged on the field. As Rohit Sharma continues to lead the Indian team forward, fans can be assured that his leadership is built on a strong foundation of talent, dedication, and the valuable lessons learned from his peers, including the legendary Yuvraj Singh.

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