ICC launches tender process for Data Services and Data Rights

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is calling all data enthusiasts! They’ve recently launched a tender process seeking a partner to manage their official data services and rights for the upcoming cycle (2024-2027). This move signifies the growing importance of data in cricket, not just for fans and broadcasters, but for the sport itself.

Cricket, a sport steeped in tradition and passionate fan culture, is embracing the digital age. The ICC’s decision to open bidding for data services and rights highlights the increasing value of player performance metrics, match statistics, and fan engagement data. This information provides valuable insights for various stakeholders, from broadcasters and fantasy cricket platforms to coaches and analysts.
Decoding the Deal: What’s Included in the ICC’s Data Tender

The ICC’s tender encompasses a wide range of data-related services. Here’s a breakdown of what the successful bidder can expect:

  • Data Collection and Distribution: The core responsibility involves capturing and distributing real-time and historical data from ICC events, including major tournaments like the Men’s Cricket World Cup, Women’s Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cups, and U19 Cricket World Cup. This information may include match results, team standings, fan opinion on social media, and player statistics (batting, bowling, and fielding).
  • Data Rights Management: The successful bidder will have the exclusive right to sell and license this official ICC data to various third parties. This could include broadcasters, fantasy cricket platforms, media outlets, and even cricket analytics companies.
  • Editorial Support Services: Beyond raw data, the ICC requires editorial support for its events. This could involve creating event and match preview packages, providing official statistics, and potentially even generating real-time data visualizations for fans and broadcasters.
Who Stands to Benefit? Potential Applications of ICC Data

The data generated from ICC events has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of cricket:

  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: Imagine receiving real-time player performance notifications, in-depth match analysis, and personalized insights based on your favorite teams and players. Data can be used to create interactive experiences for fans, fostering deeper engagement with the sport.
  • Revolutionizing Broadcasting: Broadcasters can leverage data to create more compelling and data-driven cricket commentary. Overlays with real-time player data, bowler delivery heat maps, and batting partnership visualizations can all considerably improve the viewing experience.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: National cricket boards, coaches, and analysts can utilize player performance data to identify talent, develop strategies, and optimize training programs. Data can also be used to track player workloads and prevent injuries.
  • Fantasy Cricket Boom: Fantasy cricket platforms rely heavily on accurate and up-to-date player data. The ICC’s official statistics can provide a dependable and secure source for these platforms, boosting the thriving fantasy cricket business.
A Lucrative Opportunity: What the ICC Seeks in a Partner

The ICC seeks a financially strong and experienced partner with a track record of data management and rights exploitation. Here are some key qualities the ICC will likely prioritize:

  • Expertise in Data Collection and Distribution: The bidder should possess the technological infrastructure and expertise necessary to capture and distribute large volumes of real-time data accurately and efficiently.
  • Global Reach and Distribution Network: The successful bidder needs a robust global network to effectively market and sell ICC data rights to interested parties across various regions.
  • Commitment to Innovation: The ICC likely seeks a partner who can develop and implement innovative ways to utilize data to benefit the sport, fans, and stakeholders.

The ICC’s tender process for data services and rights signifies a significant shift towards a more data-driven future for cricket. The successful bidder will play a crucial role in unlocking the potential of this valuable information, not just for commercial purposes, but also for enhancing fan engagement, improving broadcasting experiences, and ultimately, aiding the continued growth and evolution of the sport. This collaboration has the potential to change the way we experience and study cricket, altering the game’s future for years.

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