Where each team stands in the current World Test Championship cycle

The 2023-2025 ICC World Test Championship (WTC) is well underway, with teams vying for the coveted top two spots that lead to the final at Lord’s in June 2025. With several series already played and many more to come, the current standings offer a fascinating glimpse into each team’s progress and potential path to glory.

The WTC has become a cornerstone of Test cricket, adding a layer of excitement and purpose to the traditional format. Each Test series carries significant weight, with teams accumulating points based on their performance. This article delves into the current standings, analyzing the strengths and challenges faced by each team in the WTC race.
Frontrunners: Teams in Pole Position
Sri Lanka: The Surprise Contenders

Sri Lanka currently sits atop the WTC table, a position few predicted at the beginning of the cycle. Their recent series sweep against Bangladesh was a testament to their resilience and adaptability. Players like Angelo Mathews and Dimuth Karunaratne have led the charge with consistent performances, while the emergence of young talents like Kasun Rajitha adds depth to their bowling attack.

Australia: The Reigning Champions

Australia, the reigning WTC champions, are not far behind Sri Lanka. Their experience and proven track record under captain Pat Cummins make them a formidable force. While their recent series loss to India was a setback, their squad boasts world-class players like Marnus Labuschagne and Nathan Lyon, who can turn the tide in any situation.

Aspirants: Teams in the Mix
India: Seeking Redemption

India, despite finishing runners-up in the previous WTC cycle, currently finds itself outside the top two. Their recent series win against Australia was a positive step, but they need to maintain consistency across upcoming series to climb the ladder. The presence of batting stalwarts like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, coupled with a potent bowling attack, keeps them in contention.

England: A Team with Potential

England, under the leadership of Ben Stokes, has shown glimpses of brilliance in recent Test matches. Their batting lineup, featuring the likes of Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow, possesses immense firepower. However, their bowling attack needs to find more consistency to solidify their position in the WTC race.

Underdogs: Teams with Work to Do
Pakistan: Inconsistent Performances

Pakistan, despite boasting talented players like Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi, has struggled to find consistent form in the WTC. Their recent series loss to New Zealand was a missed opportunity, and they need to find solutions to their batting woes to climb the standings.

Other Teams: The Long Road Ahead

Teams like New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, and Bangladesh currently occupy the lower half of the table. While they may not be the immediate frontrunners, a string of victories in upcoming series can significantly alter the landscape of the WTC race.


The current WTC standings reveal a dynamic and unpredictable scenario. While Sri Lanka and Australia hold the top positions, India, England, and even other teams have the potential to challenge for the final spots. As the competition intensifies and the remaining series unfold, the battle for WTC supremacy promises to be a thrilling spectacle for cricket fans worldwide.

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