Smith comes to the support of Kohli for T20 World Cup spot

Virat Kohli, the indomitable force of Indian cricket, finds himself in the eye of a storm. With questions swirling about his place in the upcoming T20 World Cup squad, a voice of support has emerged from an unexpected corner – Australian batting maestro, Steve Smith. But is Smith’s endorsement a slam dunk for Kohli’s inclusion, or does it add another layer to the already complex selection dilemma?

The T20 World Cup in Australia is just months away, and the Indian cricket team selection is a hot topic. Virat Kohli, a legend of the game and a former captain, has seen his form dip in recent T20I outings. This has sparked a fierce debate among fans and pundits alike, with some questioning his place in the squad. However, amidst the doubts, Australian batsman Steve Smith has thrown his weight behind Kohli, advocating for his inclusion in the World Cup squad.
Kohli’s Struggles and the Selection Conundrum

Virat Kohli, a name synonymous with batting brilliance, has undoubtedly been India’s most consistent batsman for over a decade. However, his recent performances in T20Is have raised concerns. In the last year, his strike rate, a crucial factor in the fast-paced format, has dipped significantly. This, coupled with a string of low scores, has fueled discussions about whether he remains the ideal fit for India’s T20 strategy.

The Numbers Game:

Numbers often paint a harsh picture. Kohli’s T20I strike rate in the past year sits around 125, considerably lower than the aggressive approach demanded in the format. This is in stark contrast to younger players like Suryakumar Yadav and Rishabh Pant, who consistently score at a brisk pace. The argument for prioritizing current form and a more aggressive batting line-up is undeniable.

Beyond the Numbers – Experience and Big-Match Temperament:

However, Kohli’s value transcends mere statistics. His experience on the biggest stage is unparalleled. He boasts an impressive record in major tournaments, including the T20 World Cup. His ability to handle pressure and orchestrate match-winning knocks in high-octane encounters is a valuable asset.

Smith’s Support: A Vote of Confidence or Added Pressure?

Steve Smith’s backing of Kohli for the World Cup squad has generated significant buzz.

A Fellow Batsman’s Perspective:

Smith, himself a modern-day batting great, understands the challenges of maintaining peak form in a demanding sport. His endorsement is a testament to Kohli’s talent and past achievements. Smith emphasizes the importance of experience in high-pressure tournaments like the World Cup, highlighting Kohli’s ability to perform under the most intense scrutiny.

Does This Put More Pressure on Kohli?

However, Smith’s support could also inadvertently add pressure to Kohli. If selected, Kohli will have to prove his worth with consistent performances. The spotlight will be even brighter, and any failure to deliver could be seen as a justification for excluding him in the first place.

The Path Forward: Striking a Balance

So, how should the Indian selectors navigate this complex situation?

A Squad for All Conditions:

Building a balanced T20 squad requires a multifaceted approach. Kohli’s experience and temperament are undoubtedly valuable, but they shouldn’t come at the expense of a dynamic batting line-up. The ideal solution may lie in a squad that features a blend of both – experienced players like Kohli along with aggressive stroke-makers like Yadav and Pant. This approach would ensure a well-rounded batting unit capable of adapting to various conditions and bowling attacks.

Form and Fitness: Key Considerations

Ultimately, the selectors’ decision should be based on a combination of current form and physical fitness. If Kohli can replicate his recent exploits in the IPL, where he displayed glimpses of his past brilliance, then his inclusion becomes a more compelling prospect.


The debate surrounding Virat Kohli’s place in the T20 World Cup squad is unlikely to subside until the final selection is announced. Steve Smith’s backing adds another layer to the discussion, highlighting the importance of experience while acknowledging the need for a dynamic batting line-up. The key lies in striking a balance, ensuring a squad that possesses both the experience and ability to thrive on the biggest stage. Whether Kohli’s name features on the final team sheet remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the T20 World Cup promises to be a thrilling spectacle, with India as one of the leading contenders for the coveted trophy.

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