Shami lights up Lucknow as India beat crumbling England

The Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium in Lucknow witnessed a spectacle of masterful bowling and sheer domination as India thrashed England by a massive 100 runs. Mohammed Shami, the “Sultan of Swing,” emerged as the undisputed hero of the night, scorching the pitch with his fiery pace and unplayable deliveries.

The highly anticipated clash between India and England, titans of the cricketing world, had all the makings of an epic encounter. Both teams boasting formidable batting line-ups and potent bowling attacks, the stage was set for a battle royale. However, what unfolded was a one-sided display of Indian brilliance, orchestrated by the magic of Shami and his bowling comrades.
Shami’s Symphony of Swing: A Masterclass in Fast Bowling

Shami was in his prime, weaving a web of unplayable deliveries that left England’s batsmen befuddled and bewildered. His pinpoint accuracy, coupled with deceptive swing and variations in pace, dismantled the English batting order like a pack of cards. His four-wicket haul, conceding a mere 22 runs, was a testament to his mastery over the sport.

  • The Yorker Spell: Unplayable Deliveries Skittering the Wickets

During the middle overs, Shami launched a flurry of yorkers, each one aimed squarely for the stumps’ base. These deliveries, delivered with laser-like precision, uprooted bails with alarming regularity, sending English batsmen trudging back to the pavilion in despair.

  • The Swinging Salvo: Deceitful Movement Leaving Batsmen Clueless

With deliveries that moved amazingly in the air, Shami taunted the batters, showcasing his command of swing. These unplayable beauties evaded edges and deceived the batters, forcing them into false shots that invariably found the fielders.

Bumrah and the Boys: A Chorus of Bowling Brilliance

While Shami stole the limelight, India’s bowling triumph was a collective effort. Jasprit Bumrah, the ever-reliable workhorse, chipped in with three crucial wickets, his variations in pace and pinpoint yorkers proving equally lethal. Shardul Thakur and Bhuvneshwar Kumar provided able support, maintaining the pressure and not allowing England any respite.

  • Bumrah’s Variations: A Nightmare for English Batsmen

Bumrah’s mastery of slower balls and yorkers bamboozled the English batsmen. His ability to change pace mid-delivery left them guessing, resulting in mistimed shots and edges that found fielders waiting with eager hands.

  • Thakur and Kumar’s Steadfast Support: Maintaining the Momentum

Thakur and Kumar, though not claiming as many wickets, played their roles impeccably. Their tight bowling lines and economical spells ensured that England never felt comfortable at the crease, building the perfect platform for Shami and Bumrah to strike.

England’s Crumbling Batting: A Tale of Woeful Form and Lack of Resistance

England’s batting, once a powerhouse, resembled a house of cards against India’s bowling onslaught. Their batsmen, plagued by poor form and indecisiveness, succumbed to the pressure, failing to stitch together any meaningful partnerships. Captain Stokes’s valiant 50 proved to be a mere consolation amidst the ruins.

  • Top-Order Tumble: Fragile Openers and Lack of Intent

England’s top order crumbled early, with both openers departing cheaply. The lack of intent and loose shots exposed their vulnerability against India’s swing-bowling prowess.

  • Middle-Order Muddle: No Answer to Shami and Bumrah’s Masterclass

The middle-order, usually England’s anchor, proved no match for Shami and Bumrah’s brilliance. The sheer pace and swing on offer left batsmen bewildered, stranded in front and beaten on the outside edge.


India, and more especially Shami, the Sultan who ruled supremely with his swinging symphony, owned the night in Lucknow. His spell was a masterclass in fast bowling, a testament to his skill, experience, and unwavering dedication to the sport. England, on the other hand, were left to ponder their frailties, their once-potent batting lineup reduced to mere spectators in a masterclass of Indian bowling dominance. As India marches on, England must regroup, reassess, and find answers to the questions Shami and his bowling brethren so forcefully posed.

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