Abdullah Shafique’s positive knock guided Pakistan to a comfortable victory over Australia in their Cricket World Cup match on October 21. Shafique scored 64 runs from 61 balls, and he added 134 runs for the first wicket with Imam-ul-Haq. Shafique’s knock was crucial in helping Pakistan chase down Australia’s total of 235 runs.

Pakistan and Australia are two of the most evenly matched teams in the world. They have a long and rich history, and they have always produced some of the best cricketers in the world.

Australia has been ahead of Pakistan in recent times. In addition to defeating Pakistan in the last two Cricket World Cups, they have won more matches than Pakistan in the previous five years.

Pakistan, who are now the global champions, will, nevertheless, not relent in their efforts to maintain their position as the greatest team in the world. They field a lot of elite players, including as Shaheen Afridi, Mohammad Rizwan, and Babar Azam.

Shafique’s Positive Knock

The innings of Abdullah Shafique proved to be important in Pakistan’s chase of Australia’s 235 runs. Shafique amassed 64 runs off of 61 balls, and he and Imam-ul-Haq shared 134 runs at the first wicket.

Shafique’s scoring pace was modest at first, but as the innings went on, he was able to pick up speed. He was able to score runs all around the field by using a variety of offensive strokes.

Shafique was also adept at changing up the attack. In addition to relieving the other batsmen on the squad of some of the load, he was able to keep the scoreboard moving.

The Impact of Shafique’s Knock

Shafique’s knock had a huge impact on the match. It helped Pakistan to chase down the Australian target without much difficulty.

Shafique’s hit also contributed to the Pakistani team’s increased confidence. Following Shafique’s knock, the Pakistani squad was full of confidence and won by 62 runs.


On October 21, Pakistan defeated Australia in their Cricket World Cup encounter thanks to a strong knock from Abdullah Shafique. Shafique’s wicket was a key component in Pakistan’s chase of Australia’s 235-run total.

Shafique’s knock was the epitome of his ability and promise. He is a crucial member of the Pakistani team and a major factor in their status as favorites to win the Cricket World Cup.


The knock that Abdullah Shafique delivered was really powerful. He performed well under duress and displayed a high level of maturity and poise. Pakistan also took great importance from Shafique’s knock. They were able to defeat Australia and gain confidence as a result.

Shafique is a very good batsman with a lot of untapped potential. Even though he is still young, he has already demonstrated his ability to perform at the greatest level. Shafique is among the favorites to win player of the tournament and is expected to play a significant role for Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup.


Abdullah Shafique is probably going to be one of Pakistan’s top run scorers in the World Cup of Cricket. He can score a lot of runs because he is an excellent batsman. In addition, he has a great deal of experience and has participated in several important games.

Shafique is a strong contender to win the player of the tournament award. He has a lot of potential and is a really talented player. Pakistan is among the favorites to win the Cricket World Cup in part because Shafique is expected to play a significant role for the team.

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