Perry’s finest: The best performances by the iconic all-rounder

Ellyse Perry. The name itself rings like a battle cry in the world of women’s cricket. Perry is a world-class all-around talent who has transformed women’s cricket by dominating both batting and bowling. It’s as tough as picking diamonds out of a mountain to narrow down her “best” performances from her illustrious career. Yet, let’s embark on this delightful journey and relive some of Perry’s most spellbinding moments on the field.

Imagine a batter so dominant, she scores a double century in Tests and yet averages over 50 in ODIs. Picture a bowler so cunning, she snags wickets with both pace and guile, leaving even seasoned pros bamboozled. This is no fantasy; this is Ellyse Perry, the embodiment of cricketing excellence. From her teenage debut to her current reign as the queen of all-rounders, Perry’s career has been a tapestry woven with threads of brilliance, resilience, and an insatiable hunger for victory.
Batting Prowess – A Feast of Runs Across Formats

Perry’s batting prowess is a masterclass in versatility. The highest score ever by an Australian woman, her 213* against England in 2017 is the third-highest in Test history. The match was completely changed by a one, flawlessly timed, long-bowling blowout that featured daring sixes and graceful drives.

The highest individual score ever recorded by an Australian, male or female, is still her 229 against Pakistan in 2018. This wasn’t just a display of brute force; it was a strategic masterclass, where Perry paced her innings beautifully, building partnerships, and accelerating at the right moments.

And who can forget her heroics in the shortest format? Her unbeaten 75 off 47 balls against India in the 2023 T20 World Cup semifinal was a display of pure power and precision, guiding Australia to a thrilling victory and proving that her magic transcends formats.

Bowling Brilliance – Wrecking Havoc with Ball in Hand

Perry’s bowling is as potent as her batting. Her medium pace, laced with swing and deceptive variations, has rattled batters around the world. Her 7/28 against New Zealand in 2017 remains the best figures by an Australian woman in ODIs, a testament to her ability to dismantle batting lineups on a whim.

In Tests, her 5/38 against England in 2014 showcased her remarkable composure under pressure. With England threatening to take control, Perry stepped up, bowling with unwavering accuracy and claiming five wickets to turn the tide of the match.

And even in T20s, where batsmen often dominate, Perry’s 4/9 against Bangladesh in 2023 proved that her skills translate seamlessly to the fast-paced format. Her ability to adapt and excel across formats is what truly sets her apart from the rest.


Ellyse Perry’s career is a testament to the unwavering spirit of human potential. It’s a story of dedication, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Choosing a handful of her “best” performances from her repertoire would be akin to picking stars in the sky, as each one possesses a distinct brilliance. Nevertheless, the selections offer a glimpse into the remarkable path of a cricket icon who will serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for the coming generation. Give her bat the freedom to etch its willow echoes, run-up rhythm, and wicket symphony in cricket history.

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