Pakistan coach warns against witch hunt against team management

In the wake of Pakistan’s disappointing performance at the recent Cricket World Cup, head coach Mickey Arthur has issued a strong warning against a “witch hunt” targeting captain Babar Azam and the team management. While acknowledging the need for accountability, Arthur stressed that singling out individuals for blame would be counterproductive and ultimately hinder the team’s progress.

Pakistan’s cricket team has always been a source of national pride and passion, but the recent string of losses at the Cricket World Cup has left fans and critics alike questioning the team’s direction and leadership. Amidst growing calls for change, head coach Mickey Arthur has stepped forward to defend his team and urge for a more constructive approach to addressing the team’s shortcomings.
Acknowledging the Disappointing Performance

Arthur began by acknowledging that Pakistan’s performance at the World Cup was not up to expectations. He admitted that the team made mistakes and that there is room for improvement. However, he also emphasized that the team had put in a lot of hard work and that the players were devastated by the results.

Calling for Calm and Constructive Criticism

In the face of mounting pressure, Arthur called for calm and constructive criticism. He urged fans and critics to focus on specific areas where the team can improve, rather than engaging in personal attacks against individual players or the coaching staff. He also stressed that the team is committed to learning from its mistakes and making the necessary changes to achieve better results in the future.

Defending Babar Azam and the Team Management

Arthur specifically defended captain Babar Azam and the team management, stating that they had been working tirelessly to prepare the team for the World Cup. He praised their dedication and professionalism, and he highlighted the challenges they had faced in the lead-up to the tournament, including injuries to key players.

Emphasizing Collective Responsibility

Arthur emphasized that the responsibility for the team’s performance lies with all members of the team, from the players to the coaches to the management. He pointed out that there are always multiple factors contributing to a team’s success or failure, and that it is unfair to single out individuals for blame.

Looking Ahead: A Path to Improvement

Despite the recent setbacks, Arthur remains confident in the team’s ability to bounce back and improve. He outlined a plan for addressing the team’s weaknesses and preparing for future challenges. He also expressed his belief in the talent and potential of the players, and he called for the support of fans and critics as the team works towards achieving its goals.


In conclusion, Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur has issued a timely reminder that accountability should not come at the expense of constructive criticism. While acknowledging the need for improvement, he has defended his team and urged for a more positive and supportive approach to addressing the team’s shortcomings. Only through a collective effort of self-reflection, open communication, and unwavering support can Pakistan’s cricket team rediscover its winning ways and reclaim its place among the world’s best.

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