Pakistan appoints Shaheen’s deputy ahead of New Zealand T20Is

The stage is set for a pulsating T20 battle as Pakistan, under the leadership of fiery pacer Shaheen Afridi, welcomes New Zealand for a five-match series. But even before the first ball is bowled, a crucial leadership decision has sparked intrigue: the appointment of Mohammad Rizwan as the team’s vice-captain.

The buzz surrounding the upcoming T20I series between Pakistan and New Zealand isn’t just about the on-field clash. Off the field, a significant leadership shift has grabbed headlines. With Shaheen Afridi stepping up as captain, the eyes were on who would become his able deputy. The answer arrived in the form of wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan, marking a new chapter in Pakistan’s T20 leadership. This choice, however, goes beyond a mere name; it holds strategic significance and carries the weight of past experiences.

Rizwan’s elevation to vice-captaincy isn’t an overnight surprise. The right-hander has been a consistent performer in the shortest format, boasting a stellar average of 49 and over 2700 runs to his name. His aggressive yet calculated batting style, coupled with his impressive wicketkeeping skills, makes him a valuable asset to any T20 side. But leadership goes beyond cricketing prowess. Rizwan embodies calmness under pressure, a vital characteristic for a leader, especially in the fast-paced T20 arena. His experience as captain of the Multan Sultans in the Pakistan Super League has further honed his leadership skills, showcasing his ability to motivate and strategize under intense competition.


The captain-vice-captain pairing of Shaheen and Rizwan promises an interesting dynamic. Shaheen, the young and fiery leader, embodies the spirit of aggression and pace bowling dominance. Rizwan, on the other hand, brings a sense of strategic calmness and calculated batting approach. This contrasting duo, when working together, has the potential to create a winning formula. Shaheen’s aggressive captaincy can be balanced by Rizwan’s composure, leading to well-rounded decision-making on the field. Additionally, Rizwan’s experience as a wicketkeeper provides him with a unique perspective on the game, enabling him to offer valuable insights to Shaheen during crucial moments.


While titles like captain and vice-captain hold importance, the true strength lies in the collective effort of the entire team. Both Shaheen and Rizwan have emphasized the importance of teamwork and a united front in their interactions with the media. Their leadership approach seems to focus on empowering each player, fostering a positive team environment, and capitalizing on individual strengths. This collaborative approach is crucial against a strong New Zealand side, known for their consistent performances and strategic gameplay.


The upcoming T20I series between Pakistan and New Zealand promises to be a thrilling encounter, not just for the on-field action but also for the leadership dynamics at play. The appointment of Mohammad Rizwan as Shaheen Afridi’s vice-captain is a strategic move that holds the potential to create a balanced and effective leadership unit. Whether this translates into victories on the field remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Pakistan’s leadership duo of fire and ice is ready to lead the charge against the Kiwis, making this series a must-watch for T20 enthusiasts worldwide.

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