Jasprit Bumrah picks his favourite wicket after six-wicket haul in Vizag Test

Witnessing a fiery bowling spell is one thing, but understanding the bowler’s perspective behind each delivery adds another layer of intrigue. In the recently concluded Visakhapatnam Test, Jasprit Bumrah, India’s pace spearhead, didn’t just bamboozle the England batsmen with his six-wicket haul, he also offered a glimpse into his thought process, revealing his “favorite” wicket from the match.

The second Test between India and England in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) witnessed a masterclass in fast bowling by Jasprit Bumrah. He ripped through the English batting line-up, claiming six crucial wickets and helping India gain a significant advantage in the match. While each wicket played a vital role in dismantling England’s batting, Bumrah himself revealed a personal favorite dismissal during a post-match interview.
The “Favorite” Wicket: Strategy and Significance
Beyond the Numbers: Bumrah’s Choice

While all six wickets were crucial for India’s bowling dominance, Bumrah surprisingly chose the dismissal of England captain Joe Root as his “favorite” of the lot. This selection wasn’t merely based on the technical brilliance of the delivery, but rather on the strategic importance of the dismissal at that particular moment in the match.

Recognizing the Importance of the Moment:

According to Bumrah, Root’s wicket was crucial because he is a world-class batsman, and his dismissal put immense pressure on the remaining English batsmen. He highlighted the sluggish nature of the pitch, emphasizing the importance of removing a key player like Root to gain an upper hand in the contest.

Understanding Bumrah’s Mindset: The Captain’s Wicket and Its Impact

Bumrah’s choice reveals his astute tactical understanding of the game. He recognized the significance of dismissing the opposition captain, not just for the wicket itself, but also for the psychological impact it has on the remaining batsmen. This strategic thinking and ability to recognize crucial moments in a match are hallmarks of a truly exceptional bowler.

Beyond the “Favorite”: Bumrah’s Overall Performance
A Match-Winning Spell: More Than Just One Wicket

While Bumrah’s “favorite” wicket sheds light on his strategic thinking, it’s crucial to acknowledge the overall impact of his entire six-wicket haul. His bowling spell was a masterclass in pace, accuracy, and variation, consistently putting pressure on the batsmen. He dismissed key players like Ben Stokes and Ollie Pope, effectively dismantling the English batting line-up.

The Series and Beyond: Bumrah’s Significance in Indian Cricket

Bumrah’s performance in the Visakhapatnam Test is just another testament to his exceptional talent and his growing stature in world cricket. He has become a crucial player for India, consistently delivering impactful performances across formats. As the series progresses, fans can expect him to continue spearheading India’s bowling attack and playing a vital role in their quest for victory.


Jasprit Bumrah’s six-wicket haul in the Vizag Test was a defining moment in the match. However, his revelation of his “favorite” wicket goes beyond the statistics, highlighting his strategic thinking and understanding of the game’s nuances. As the series unfolds, Bumrah’s continued brilliance will undoubtedly be a key factor in India’s quest for series victory.

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