Infamous British sport prankster ‘Jarvo 69’ hits the Cricket World Cup as he makes it past security and talks

Infamous British sport prankster ‘Jarvo 69’ struck again at the Cricket World Cup, making it past security and talking to India superstar Virat Kohli before being escorted from the Chennai venue.

Daniel Jarvis, better known by his online alias Jarvo 69, is a British YouTuber and social media personality who has gained notoriety for his pranks at sporting events. He has invaded the pitch at a number of high-profile events, including cricket matches, football matches, and even the Champions League final.

Jarvo 69’s latest prank took place at the Cricket World Cup in Chennai, India on October 9, 2023. The Englishman managed to make it past security and onto the pitch during the match between India and Australia. He was wearing an India shirt with his name and the number 69 on the back.

Jarvo 69 walked up to Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian team, and had a brief conversation with him. Security personnel then led him from the field.

The incident caused a stir on social media, with some people praising Jarvo 69 for his audacity and others criticizing him for disrupting the match.

How did Jarvo 69 get past security?

It is unclear how Jarvo 69 managed to get past security at the Cricket World Cup. Some reports have suggested that he may have used a fake ticket or that he may have bribed a security guard.

Whatever the case may be, Jarvo 69’s ability to get past security is a major concern for the organizers of the Cricket World Cup. It raises questions about the security measures in place at the tournament and how effective they are.

What did Jarvo 69 say to Virat Kohli?

Jarvo 69 has not revealed what he said to Virat Kohli during their brief conversation. However, some reports have suggested that he may have asked for an autograph or a selfie.

Kohli has also not commented on the incident. However, he did give Jarvo 69 a stern telling off as he was being escorted from the pitch.


Jarvo 69’s latest prank has raised a number of questions about the security at the Cricket World Cup and the effectiveness of the measures in place to prevent pitch invasions.

It is important to note that Jarvo 69’s pranks are often harmless and intended to be humorous. However, they can also be disruptive and pose a safety risk.

It is also worth noting that Jarvo 69 has been arrested and banned from sporting venues in the past. However, he continues to find ways to evade security and disrupt sporting events.

The organizers of the Cricket World Cup will need to learn from the incident and take steps to improve security measures at the tournament. They will also need to find a way to stop Jarvo 69 from disrupting sporting events in the future.

Additional thoughts:

Jarvo 69’s latest prank has also sparked a debate about the role of pranks in sport. Some people believe that pranks are harmless and can even be entertaining. Others believe that pranks are disruptive and can spoil the experience for other fans.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they find Jarvo’s pranks to be amusing. However, it is important to remember that pranks can also have negative consequences. They can disrupt sporting events, pose a safety risk, and even lead to arrest.

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