Gavaskar’s ‘little things’ about Jadeja’s dip in form

Ravindra Jadeja is one of the most important players in the Indian cricket team. He is a world-class all-rounder who can bat, bowl, and field at a very high level. However, Jadeja has been struggling for form in recent months. His batting has been particularly disappointing, with the left-hander averaging just 14.66 in his last 12 ODI innings.

Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has recently spoken about Jadeja’s dip in form, and he has identified a number of “little things” that he believes are contributing to the problem.

Gavaskar’s ‘little things’

Gavaskar has identified three “little things” that he believes are contributing to Jadeja’s dip in form:

  1. His back-foot movement: Gavaskar believes that Jadeja is not stepping back far enough when batting against spin. This is making it easier for spinners to bowl him out.
  2. His weight distribution: Gavaskar believes that Jadeja’s weight is not evenly distributed when batting. This is making it difficult for him to generate power and to hit the ball cleanly.
  3. His shot selection: Gavaskar believes that Jadeja is not selecting the right shots at the right time. He is playing too many risky shots and is not getting enough runs from the good balls.
What can Jadeja do to improve his form?

In order to improve his form, Jadeja will need to address the “little things” that Gavaskar has identified.

He will need to step back further when batting against spin, he will need to distribute his weight more evenly, and he will need to select his shots more carefully.

Jadeja will also need to spend more time in the nets practicing his batting. He needs to develop a more solid and consistent batting technique.


Jadeja is a world-class all-rounder and he is still a very important player for the Indian cricket team. However, he needs to improve his batting form if he wants to help India win the Cricket World Cup.

Jadeja needs to address the “little things” that Gavaskar has identified and he needs to spend more time in the nets practicing his batting. If he can do this, then he will be back to his best in no time.

Additional thoughts:

Jadeja’s dip in form is a concern for the Indian cricket team, but it is important to remember that he is still a world-class all-rounder. He has a proven track record of success at the international level.

Jadeja is also a very hard worker and he is determined to improve his batting form. He has been working with his coaches and he is confident that he can get back to his best.

The Indian cricket team will be hoping that Jadeja can regain his form before the Cricket World Cup. He is a vital player for the team and he will be crucial to their success in the tournament.

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