From regaining ODI status to making ODI Rankings, Canada’s rise continues

Remember the last time Canada was a force to be reckoned with in One-Day Internationals (ODIs)? For many cricket fans, it might feel like a distant memory. But the cricketing landscape is undergoing a shift, and Canada is at the forefront of this exciting rise. After regaining their ODI status in 2023 and a meteoric climb, they’ve officially secured their place in the ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings, marking a significant milestone in their cricketing journey.

Canada’s cricket story is one of resilience and determination. Having lost their ODI status in 2014, the team persevered through qualifying rounds and honed their skills. Their dedication paid off in 2023 when they reclaimed ODI recognition. This wasn’t just a symbolic victory; it ignited a fire within the team, propelling them towards a new era of cricketing excellence.
Canada’s Strategic Ascendancy
REGAINING ODI STATUS: A Stepping Stone to Success

The road back to ODI status wasn’t easy. Canada participated in numerous Challenge League matches, showcasing their talent and unwavering spirit. Their hard work culminated in securing ODI status in 2023. This achievement marked a turning point, allowing them to compete against established ODI nations and further refine their strategies.

HITTING THE GROUND RUNNING: Early Victories and Ranking Ambitions

Wasting no time, Canada embarked on a tour of Nepal in early 2023, playing a series of ODIs. While they didn’t emerge victorious in this initial outing, the experience proved invaluable. It exposed them to high-pressure situations and the demands of international competition.


Canada’s focus then shifted to the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 cycle, a crucial tournament that acts as a gateway to the coveted Cricket World Cup. Their determination was evident in their very first match of the League 2 against the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Canada’s bowlers, led by the impressive Kaleem Sana (4/42), restricted UAE to a modest total of 194. The batsmen then chased down the target with fifties from Srimantha Wijeyeratne and Nicholas Kirton, securing a well-deserved three-wicket victory.

This win wasn’t just about securing points in the League 2; it held a deeper significance. By defeating the UAE, Canada achieved a critical milestone – playing the required eight games to enter the ICC Men’s ODI rankings. On February 28th, 2024, they officially re-entered the rankings at No. 20, a testament to their relentless pursuit of cricketing excellence.

Building for the Future: Canada’s cricketing heroes and development programs
THE PLAYERS TO WATCH: Canada’s Rising Stars

Canada’s resurgence wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional performances of its talented players. Names like Kaleem Sana, a potent left-arm spinner, and the batting duo of Srimantha Wijeyeratne and Nicholas Kirton, are etching their names in Canadian cricketing history. Their contributions on the field are not only inspiring fans but also paving the way for a new generation of aspiring cricketers.

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE: Development Programs and Grassroots Initiatives

Cricket Canada, the national governing body, is actively promoting the sport at the grassroots level. Initiatives like the “Junior National Championship” and the “Women’s Development Program” are nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the game. These programs ensure a strong pipeline of future stars who can carry the torch forward and propel Canada to even greater cricketing heights.

Conclusion: A New Dawn for Canadian Cricket

Canada’s return to the ODI rankings signifies a new chapter in their cricketing journey. The team’s dedication, strategic planning, and the emergence of talented players have all contributed to this remarkable feat. With continued investment in development programs and the unwavering support of fans, Canada is poised to climb the rankings and challenge established cricketing nations in the years to come. The future of Canadian cricket is bright, and the cricketing world is eagerly watching their ascent.

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