Four options England may consider to replace Ben Stokes at T20 World Cup

Ben Stokes’ recent decision to prioritize rest and miss the upcoming T20 World Cup has thrown a curveball at England’s plans. While his absence leaves a significant void, the team boasts a wealth of talent and must now consider suitable replacements. This article explores four potential options England might evaluate to fill the gap left by Stokes’ absence.

Ben Stokes’ impact on England’s T20 cricket is undeniable. His all-round prowess, leadership qualities, and ability to deliver under pressure have been instrumental in their recent success. While finding a direct replacement who can replicate his multifaceted contributions is a tall order, England possesses talented players who can potentially step up and contribute to the team’s World Cup campaign.
All-Rounder Alternatives: Filling the Stokes-Shaped Hole

Replacing Stokes necessitates considering players who offer a similar skillset, capable of contributing both with bat and ball.

Liam Livingstone: Explosive Batting and Wicket-Taking Ability

Liam Livingstone currently ranks eighth in the ICC T20I all-rounder rankings and is a natural contender for the vacant spot. His explosive batting style and ability to clear the boundaries make him a threat in any batting lineup. Additionally, his off-spin bowling provides valuable variety and wicket-taking potential, especially in the middle overs.

Moeen Ali: Experience and Adaptability

Moeen Ali, ranked ninth in the T20I all-rounder rankings, brings a wealth of experience and adaptability to the table. His left-arm spin bowling can be particularly effective in the slower conditions expected in the West Indies and the USA, where the T20 World Cup will be held. Moeen’s batting prowess, while not as explosive as Livingstone’s, offers valuable stability and the ability to rotate the strike effectively.

Batting Focus: Strengthening the Top Order

While all-rounders offer a tempting solution, England might also consider bolstering their batting lineup by bringing in a specialist batsman.

Jonny Bairstow: Aggressive Opener with Big-Match Experience

Jonny Bairstow’s aggressive batting style at the top of the order could provide a significant boost to England’s scoring prowess. His experience in high-pressure situations and ability to take the attack to the opposition bowlers would be valuable assets in the World Cup.

Dawid Malan: World-Class Batsman with Proven Pedigree

Dawid Malan, formerly the number one ranked T20I batsman, possesses exceptional batting skills and a proven track record of success in the format. His inclusion would solidify the middle order and provide much-needed stability, especially if the top order experiences early setbacks.


Ben Stokes’ absence is undoubtedly a significant challenge for England, but the team possesses the depth and talent to adapt and find a suitable replacement. Whether they opt for an all-rounder to fill the multi-faceted role or prioritize bolstering their batting with a specialist, each option presents unique advantages and potential contributions to the T20 World Cup campaign. Ultimately, the chosen replacement will need to step up and deliver impactful performances to ensure England continues its winning momentum and remains a strong contender for the coveted World Cup trophy.

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