Bumrah keeping it simple ahead of India’s T20 World Cup campaign

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The T20 World Cup is upon us, and cricket fans worldwide are buzzing with anticipation. For India, one of the tournament favorites, the return of Jasprit Bumrah from injury is a major boost. Bumrah, renowned for his express pace, pinpoint yorkers, and deceptive slower balls, is a vital cog in India’s bowling attack. However, his recent return raises an interesting question: How will he approach the high-pressure environment of the World Cup after a significant absence?

Intriguingly, Bumrah seems to be prioritizing a simplified approach. Let’s delve deeper into Bumrah’s mindset and explore how this back-to-basics strategy could benefit him and the Indian team.

Rekindling the Fire: Bumrah’s Journey Back

Bumrah’s absence from the cricketing scene due to injury was a significant blow for India. It forced him to miss crucial matches and raised concerns about his form and fitness upon his return. However, Bumrah’s recent comments suggest a renewed focus on the core principles of his bowling.

Finding Joy in the Game: A Shift in Mentality

In a recent interview, Bumrah emphasized the importance of enjoying the game. He stated, “Since I have come back from my injury, I have only focused on enjoying the game as much as I can.” This shift in focus, prioritizing enjoyment over pressure, could be a crucial factor in Bumrah’s resurgence. When a bowler relaxes and rediscovers the joy of bowling, their natural talent often shines through.

Repetition is Key: Refining the Craft

While rediscovering the joy of the game is essential, Bumrah hasn’t forgotten the importance of hard work. He has spoken about the importance of repetition in perfecting his bowling skills, particularly his lethal yorker. This commitment to mastering the fundamentals lays the groundwork for success in high-pressure situations.

Keeping it Simple: Unpacking Bumrah’s Back-to-Basics Philosophy

Bumrah’s philosophy of keeping things simple extends beyond just enjoying the game and working on his skills. Here’s a closer look at what this entails:

Focus on Process, Not Outcome

Bumrah understands that the outcome of a match isn’t entirely within his control. He emphasizes focusing on the process, executing his skills efficiently, and trusting his abilities. This approach reduces pressure and allows him to perform at his best.

Clear Communication: Empowering Youngsters

As a senior player, Bumrah recognizes the importance of clear communication with his younger teammates. He advocates for a simple, direct communication style, helping them understand their roles and avoid overthinking their strategies. This fosters a positive team environment and allows young players to flourish under his guidance.


Jasprit Bumrah’s return to the Indian T20 World Cup squad is a significant boost for their title aspirations. His back-to-basics approach, prioritizing enjoyment, honing his skills, and simplifying his thought process, holds immense potential. By focusing on the joy of bowling, trusting his abilities, and fostering a positive team atmosphere, Bumrah can rediscover his peak form and lead India’s bowling attack to World Cup glory. Cricket fans around the world will be watching intently to see if Bumrah’s simple yet effective approach can propel India to the coveted T20 World Cup title.

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