In the opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, South Africa defeated Australia with a massive score of 336/6 thanks to a defiant century from Quinton de Kock. Before being bowled out in the 49th over, De Kock was within a hair’s breadth of scoring a double century with a knock that featured 13 fours and 2 sixes.

Thanks to an outstanding century from Quinton de Kock, South Africa’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 campaign got off to a great start. De Kock reached his century in just 102 balls because he was in explosive form right away. In the middle overs, he was especially harsh on the Australian bowlers and struck several quick-fire boundaries.

De Kock’s century was not only entertaining, but it was also very important for South Africa. It helped them to set a huge score of 336/6, which was too much for Australia to chase down.

De Kock’s Knock was a Masterclass in ODI Batting

De Kock’s knock against Australia was a masterclass in ODI batting. He showed great patience and discipline early on, and he waited for the loose balls to come. Once he got set, De Kock unleashed his full range of strokes, and he scored boundaries at will.

De Kock was particularly good at playing the pull shot, and he also hit a number of beautiful cover drives. He was also very good at rotating the strike, and he kept the scoreboard ticking over.

De Kock’s Century was Crucial to South Africa’s Victory

De Kock’s century was crucial to South Africa’s victory against Australia. It helped them to set a huge score of 336/6, which was too much for Australia to chase down.

De Kock’s century also showed that he is one of the best batsmen in the world. He is capable of scoring big runs on any wicket, and he is a threat to any bowling attack.


Against Australia, Quinton de Kock scored one of the most impressive centuries of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 thus far with his aggressive century. It was a knock that was elegant, powerful, and perceptive. In addition to paving the way for South Africa to win handsomely, De Kock’s century demonstrated his superiority as a batsman.


A unique blow came with De Kock’s century against Australia. From the start, he had total control and could score boundaries whenever he pleased. He hit some stunning cover drives and was especially skilled at playing the pull shot. De Kock was also a master at rotating the strike and maintaining the action on the scoreboard.

South Africa’s success depended heavily on De Kock’s century. They were able to establish a formidable score of 336/6, which proved to be too much for Australia to overcome. De Kock is among the world’s finest batsmen, as evidenced by his century. He poses a threat to any bowling attack and can score significant runs on any wicket.


At the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup, De Kock is probably going to continue to be a vital member of South Africa’s team. He is among their top batsmen and has the ability to win games by himself. In addition to being a capable leader, De Kock will try to lead South Africa to their first Cricket World Cup victory.

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