Babar closes in on Suryakumar following positive rankings update

The race for the number one spot in the ICC Men’s T20I Batting Rankings is heating up just weeks before the T20 World Cup. Pakistan’s Babar Azam has made significant strides in the latest rankings update, closing the gap on the current leader, India’s Suryakumar Yadav. This article explores the recent form of both players, analyzes their impact on their respective teams, and examines whether Babar can overtake Suryakumar before the World Cup.

The T20 World Cup is upon us, and the battle for individual accolades is just as fierce as the fight for the coveted trophy. In the batting rankings, a thrilling duel has emerged between two of the sport’s most stylish and destructive batsmen: Pakistan’s Babar Azam and India’s Suryakumar Yadav. Currently, Suryakumar holds the top spot, but Babar’s recent upsurge has thrown the rankings race wide open.
Suryakumar Yadav: The Reigning King of T20 Batting

Suryakumar Yadav has taken the T20 world by storm with his unorthodox strokeplay and fearless batting approach. His ability to score runs at a rapid pace and innovate in the middle overs has made him a nightmare for bowlers.

A Consistent Force: Suryakumar’s Recent Exploits

Suryakumar’s dominance isn’t a recent phenomenon. He has consistently displayed top-notch form throughout the past year. In the recently concluded series against West Indies, he continued his rampage, amassing runs with incredible ease. His knock of 75 runs off just 47 balls in the second T20I was a masterclass in innovation and power hitting. This performance, coupled with his consistent run-scoring throughout the year, solidified his position as the number one ranked T20I batsman.

The Impact on Team India

Suryakumar’s brilliance at the crease has been instrumental in India’s recent success in T20 cricket. His ability to accelerate the scoring rate in the middle overs adds a crucial dimension to India’s batting lineup. This allows them to set imposing totals and put pressure on the opposition right from the start. Additionally, his fearless strokeplay inspires confidence in his teammates and creates a momentum shift in India’s favor.

Babar Azam: The Stalwart Chaser

Babar Azam, the stylish Pakistani batsman, needs no introduction. Renowned for his elegant technique and impeccable timing, Babar has been a mainstay in Pakistan’s batting order for several years. While his recent form might not have been as explosive as Suryakumar’s, his consistency and leadership qualities remain unparalleled.

A Resurgence of Form: Babar’s Climb in the Rankings

Following a string of solid performances in the recently concluded series against New Zealand, Babar has surged up the T20I rankings. His classy half-century in the fifth T20I and his overall leadership throughout the series propelled him to the fourth position, significantly narrowing the gap between him and Suryakumar. This rise in form is a welcome sign for Pakistan cricket, especially with the World Cup approaching.

The Significance for Pakistan

Babar Azam’s presence at the top of the order provides much-needed stability and experience to the Pakistani batting lineup. His ability to anchor the innings and build partnerships is crucial for Pakistan’s success. Additionally, his leadership qualities inspire his teammates and create a sense of calm within the dressing room. With the World Cup looming, Babar’s return to form is a critical boost for Pakistan as they aim to challenge for the coveted trophy.


The battle for the number one T20I batsman ranking between Suryakumar Yadav and Babar Azam is a compelling narrative unfolding just before the T20 World Cup. Suryakumar, with his consistent brilliance, remains the frontrunner. However, Babar’s recent resurgence has sent a strong message, and the gap is narrowing. Whether Babar can overtake Suryakumar before the World Cup is a question that will keep cricket fans on the edge of their seats. Regardless of who claims the top spot, one thing is certain: both players are in phenomenal form, and their performances promise to be a major highlight in the upcoming World Cup.

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