Athapaththu marks out young prospects for Sri Lanka’s T20 World Cup campaign

Sri Lanka’s qualification for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2024 was a hard-fought victory. But amidst the celebrations, captain Chamari Athapaththu has her sights set on the future, pinpointing two young players who could be game-changers in the upcoming tournament.

Sri Lanka’s women’s cricket team secured their place in the T20 World Cup with a nail-biting win over the UAE in the qualifiers. This successful campaign, however, wasn’t just about the established stars. Captain Chamari Athapaththu has recognized the vital role young talent can play on the global stage. Her recent praise for two young players, Kavisha Dilhari and Vishmi Gunaratne, has sparked excitement about Sri Lanka’s prospects in the World Cup.

This article explores the impact of these young players on Sri Lanka’s T20 World Cup campaign, analyzing their strengths and how they can contribute to the team’s success.

Unveiling the Gems: A Look at Sri Lanka’s Rising Stars
Kavisha Dilhari: A Multifaceted Threat

One of the young players catching the eye is the dynamic all-rounder Kavisha Dilhari. Dilhari showcased her skills during the qualifiers, particularly against Scotland. Her career-best bowling figures of 4/13 and three catches were instrumental in restricting Scotland to a meager 94 runs. This performance highlights her potential as a wicket-taking bowler who can also contribute with valuable runs in the lower middle order. Dilhari’s all-round abilities provide valuable depth to the Sri Lankan squad.

Vishmi Gunaratne: A Batting Prodigy

The other young talent earmarked by Athapaththu is Vishmi Gunaratne, the captain of Sri Lanka’s U19 team. Gunaratne has impressed with her consistent batting performances throughout the qualifiers. While detailed statistics for the qualifiers are limited, her reputation as a prolific scorer precedes her. Her ability to bat through innings and build partnerships will be crucial for Sri Lanka’s batting stability, especially in high-pressure situations during the World Cup.

Building for the Future: How Young Talent Can Benefit Sri Lanka

The inclusion of young players like Dilhari and Gunaratne presents several advantages for Sri Lanka’s T20 World Cup campaign.

Fresh Energy and X-Factor

Young players often bring an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to the game. Their fearless approach and lack of inhibitions in big matches can be a significant advantage. Dilhari and Gunaratne, with their recent success and hunger to prove themselves on the international stage, can inject a much-needed dose of youthful exuberance into the Sri Lankan squad. This, coupled with their raw talent, has the potential to surprise opponents and create an “X-factor” for the team.

Learning from Experienced Campaigners

Sri Lanka boasts a core group of experienced players like Athapaththu herself. The presence of these senior figures allows young players to learn and develop under their guidance. Exposure to the high-pressure environment of the World Cup alongside seasoned professionals will be an invaluable learning experience for Dilhari and Gunaratne. This blend of youth and experience can create a well-rounded team capable of competing against any opponent.


Chamari Athapaththu’s focus on young talent is a strategic move for Sri Lanka’s T20 World Cup campaign. Kavisha Dilhari’s all-round skills and Vishmi Gunaratne’s batting prowess offer exciting possibilities for the team. Their youthful energy and hunger for success, combined with the guidance of experienced players, can create a potent force on the world stage. While Sri Lanka might not enter the World Cup as favorites, the emergence of these young talents alongside established stars has certainly bolstered their chances. The cricketing world will be watching with interest to see if Sri Lanka’s youngsters can live up to the captain’s faith and make a significant impact at the T20 World Cup.

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