Ashwin reclaims No. 1 position in ICC Men’s Test Bowling Rankings

There’s a reason they refer to him as “Ashwin the Great”. The Indian off-spinner’s latest achievement is a monument to his enduring brilliance and persistent devotion for the game, solidifying his place among the Test cricket heroes. In the ICC Men’s Test Bowling Rankings, Ravichandran Ashwin has recovered the top spot, which he has held with distinction on several occasions.

The ICC Test Bowling Rankings are the gold standard for measuring a bowler’s prowess in the five-day format. Reaching the pinnacle of these rankings signifies exceptional talent and consistent performance at the highest level. Ashwin’s return to the top spot, achieved in March 2024, is a remarkable feat, especially considering the depth of quality currently present in Test cricket. This article delves into Ashwin’s journey back to the No. 1 ranking, exploring his recent heroics, his past dominance, and the significance of this achievement for him and Indian cricket.
Dominant Return in 100th Test: A Defining Performance

In his historic 100th Test match against England in Dharamsala, Ashwin gave an absolutely remarkable performance that served as the impetus for his rise back to the top. He was the key player who demolished the English batting order in addition to being an essential piece in India’s all-encompassing victory. Ashwin’s proficiency with spin bowling was demonstrated with his statistics of 4/51 and 5/77 in the two innings. He set the pace of the game, taking advantage of the Dharamsala wicket’s sharp turn and bounce, which is conducive to spinners’ success. This match-winning performance not only secured a resounding win for India in the five-match series but also propelled Ashwin to the top of the bowling rankings, dethroning his teammate Jasprit Bumrah.

A History of Excellence: Ashwin’s Previous Reigns at No. 1

This isn’t Ashwin’s first rodeo at the top. He has previously enjoyed five stints at No. 1, the first one coming in December 2015. Throughout his career, Ashwin has consistently displayed his ability to trouble batsmen across different cricketing conditions. His repertoire of deliveries, including the classical off-break, the carrom ball, and the quicker arm ball, makes him a potent weapon in any bowling attack. His ability to read the pitch and adapt his bowling according to the situation further elevates him to the elite level.

Ashwin’s Significance for Indian Cricket

Ashwin’s return to the No. 1 spot is significant not just for him personally but also for Indian cricket as a whole. He serves as a role model for aspiring spinners, demonstrating the rewards of dedication and honing one’s craft. His success inspires a new generation of Indian spin bowlers to strive for excellence in the longest format of the game. Furthermore, Ashwin’s presence as a world-class spinner provides a vital balance to the Indian bowling attack, which often relies heavily on its pace bowlers. Having a top-tier spinner like Ashwin makes India more potent on grounds that are conducive to spin, which gives them a strategic edge in many Test matches.

More than Rankings: A Legacy in the Making

While the No. 1 ranking is a prestigious achievement, Ashwin’s legacy extends far beyond that. He’s already regarded as one of India’s best-ever spinners. His total of more than 400 Test wickets is a testament to his efficacy and consistency. His contribution to India’s recent triumph in Test cricket, particularly their historic series victory in Australia in 2021, has been crucial. As Ashwin continues to play, he has the potential to further solidify his place among the all-time greats of spin bowling.


Because of his persistent ability and constant commitment to the game, Ravichandran Ashwin has risen back at the top of the ICC Men’s Test Bowling Rankings. His mastery of spin bowling and his importance to Indian cricket are underscored by this accomplishment. Cricket fans should expect Ashwin to add many more chapters to his incredible story as he continues his successful career.

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