In the latest episode of It Takes One Day, Sri Lanka cricketing legend Angelo Mathews joins Ridhima Pathak to preview his team’s crucial encounter against Afghanistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Mathews, a seasoned veteran of the Sri Lankan side, offers his insights into the team’s strengths, strategies, and the upcoming match’s significance.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is heating up, with each match holding immense importance in determining the fate of teams vying for a place in the semifinals. For Sri Lanka, the upcoming clash against Afghanistan is a pivotal opportunity to secure a victory and boost their chances of progressing further in the tournament.

The seasoned all-rounder Angelo Mathews offers his thoughts on Sri Lanka’s chances versus Afghanistan in this thought-provoking episode of It Takes One Day. Mathews offers insightful analysis on the team’s preparation, game plan, and the crucial areas that will decide the result of the match because to his extensive expertise and keen cricketing intellect.

Sri Lanka’s Strengths and Strategies

Mathews highlights Sri Lanka’s strengths, emphasizing the team’s blend of experienced veterans and talented youngsters. He acknowledges the team’s recent struggles but expresses confidence in their ability to bounce back and deliver a strong performance against Afghanistan.

When discussing the team’s tactics, Mathews emphasizes the value of being composed and using their advantages. He underlines that in order to overcome Afghanistan’s challenge, reliable batting performances, controlled bowling, and strong fielding are essential.

Afghanistan: A Formidable Opponent

In the realm of cricket, Mathews acknowledges Afghanistan’s rise to prominence. In spite of their recent success, he cautions against becoming complacent. Mathews stresses that we should have faith in Afghanistan’s skills and go into the game with a guarded but optimistic attitude.

Sri Lanka’s Big Chance

Mathews highlights the importance of the next game against Afghanistan, calling it a “big chance” for Sri Lanka to turn things around and win a vital match. He thinks that victory over Afghanistan will give the team more confidence and raise morale to tackle the remaining tournament problems.


Insights from Angelo Mathews in the most recent episode of It Takes One Day offer insightful observations on Sri Lanka’s attitude and preparations prior to their pivotal match against Afghanistan. Sri Lanka is determined to grab their great opportunity and win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, as seen by Mathews’ emphasis on the team’s skills, strategy, and respect for their opponents.

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