Afghanistan coach lifts the lid on his side’s secret playmaker

Afghanistan’s emphatic victory in their opening group match of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 has surprised many cricket fans. While the team’s established stars like Rashid Khan were expected to shine, a lesser-known figure has emerged as a key contributor – bowling consultant Dwayne Bravo. Head Coach Jonathan Trott has credited Bravo’s influence for the team’s newfound bowling prowess, finally lifting the lid on Afghanistan’s “secret playmaker.”

The cricketing world watched with anticipation as Afghanistan kicked off their T20 World Cup campaign against a determined Ugandan side. While Afghanistan was the clear favorite on paper, questions lingered about their bowling attack’s ability to consistently deliver. However, the team silenced their doubters with a dominant display, spearheaded by a potent bowling performance.

Intriguingly, much of the credit for this newfound bowling strength has been directed towards an unexpected source – two-time T20 World Cup champion Dwayne Bravo, who recently joined the Afghan team as a bowling consultant.

Unveiling the Secret: Dwayne Bravo’s Impact on Afghan Bowling

The decision to bring in Dwayne Bravo as a bowling consultant raised eyebrows initially. However, Coach Trott’s post-match comments revealed the significant impact Bravo has had on the Afghan bowlers, particularly their pace attack.

A Wealth of Experience: Bravo’s Winning Mentality Rubs Off

Dwayne Bravo boasts an illustrious career spanning over two decades. His experience of playing in high-pressure situations and winning major tournaments like the IPL and T20 World Cup is invaluable. Trott highlighted this aspect, stating how Bravo’s presence “makes your job a lot easier” and brings “enhanced coaching, especially with the bowlers.” Bravo’s winning mentality and experience in the T20 format are likely to be instrumental in guiding the young Afghan bowlers as they navigate the pressure of the World Cup.

Technical Tweaks and Tactical Insights

Beyond his experience, Bravo’s technical expertise as a bowler is another crucial factor. He can offer valuable insights on aspects like variations in pace, line and length, and the art of deception in the death overs – all vital skills for T20 bowlers. The significant improvement in the performance of Afghanistan’s pace attack, particularly the control over death overs, suggests Bravo’s technical guidance is paying dividends.

Beyond Bowling: A Broader Influence on the Team

While Bravo’s primary focus is on the bowling attack, his influence is likely to extend beyond the technical aspects of the game.

Leadership and Mentorship for Young Players

The Afghan team boasts a young and talented squad, with several players experiencing their first World Cup. Bravo’s leadership qualities and experience in handling pressure situations will be crucial in mentoring these young players and fostering a winning mentality within the team. His calm demeanor and ability to perform under pressure can serve as a source of inspiration for the young Afghan bowlers as they face established cricketing nations in the tournament.

Strategic Inputs and Game Awareness

Bravo’s experience as a seasoned T20 campaigner can also provide valuable tactical insights during matches. His understanding of reading situations, setting fields, and utilizing bowlers effectively can be crucial for Captain Mohammad Nabi in making strategic decisions on the field.


The decision to bring in Dwayne Bravo as a bowling consultant for the Afghan team has proven to be a masterstroke. His influence has gone beyond technical expertise, fostering a winning mentality and leadership qualities within the young Afghan squad. While the World Cup is a long and challenging journey, Afghanistan’s impressive opening performance has shown the positive impact of Bravo’s presence. As the tournament progresses, cricket fans will be eager to see how this newfound bowling strength, coupled with Bravo’s experience, propels Afghanistan towards a potential upset in the T20 World Cup.

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