13 Runs In 1 Ball! New Zealand Batter Achieves Impossible Feat

In a spectacular performance, New Zealand batsman Mitchell Santner struck 13 runs in the first ball of the team’s Monday encounter against the Netherlands in the Cricket World Cup 2023. On the last delivery of the New Zealand innings, Santner hit a high full toss over long-on for a six to complete the feat. Quickly ruling it a no-ball, the umpire gave New Zealand a free hit. Santner then went on to score a four on the free throw, bringing New Zealand’s total to 322/7.

It is uncommon to witness such an astounding performance accomplished on cricket’s biggest stage, the Cricket World Cup, which is the sport’s largest and most renowned competition. Only twice in the history of Cricket World Cup games has a player scored 13 runs in one ball, the first occasion being Yuvraj Singh in the 2007 tournament’s encounter against England.

Santner’s feat is even more remarkable considering that he came to the crease with New Zealand struggling at 250/6. He hit a quickfire 36 runs off just 17 balls, including three fours and two sixes, to give New Zealand a much-needed boost. His performance aided New Zealand in scoring a respectable total, and they ultimately prevailed by 90 runs.

How Santner Achieved the Impossible

So, how did Santner achieve the impossible? It all started with a poor delivery from Dutch bowler Bas de Leede. De Leede bowled a high full toss, which Santner was able to smash over long-on for a six. The umpire quickly judged it a no-ball, awarding New Zealand a free hit.

Santner then knew that he had a chance to achieve something special. He focused on hitting the free hit cleanly, and he was able to do just that. He hit a powerful drive through the extra cover region for a four, taking New Zealand’s total to 322/7.

The Impact of Santner’s Feat

Santner’s feat had a major impact on the outcome of the match. The Netherlands were unable to overtake New Zealand’s competitive total of 322/ 7, which was too high. Santner was selected Player of the Match for his all-around effort in New Zealand’s final 90-run victory.

Santner’s feat also captured the imagination of cricket fans all over the world. Santner’s achievement will be remembered for years to come. Such a stunning accomplishment is uncommon on cricket’s biggest stage.

In conclusion

Mitchell Santner’s 13 runs in 1 ball is one of the most remarkable feats ever achieved in a Cricket World Cup match. It demonstrates his skill and athleticism as a batter and will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come. Santner’s innings helped New Zealand post a competitive total in the match, and they eventually went on to win the match by 90 runs.

Santner’s feat is also a reminder of the excitement and unpredictability of the Cricket World Cup. Anything is possible in this tournament, and Santner’s innings is just one example of the many amazing things that can happen on the biggest stage in cricket.

Additional Thoughts

Santner’s feat is also a reminder of the importance of hard work and determination. Santner has worked incredibly hard to reach the top of his game, and his innings in the Cricket World Cup is just reward for his efforts. His motivational tale teaches aspiring cricket players everywhere that everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Santner’s feat is also a reminder of the beauty of cricket. A cricket match, which is full of surprises and excitement, may witness many spectacular occurrences, including Santner’s innings. Santner’s innings serves as a reminder of why people all over the world enjoy the game of cricket.

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